If you are someone that enjoys to cook and make food in your kitchen, if so I’m sure you know how nice it is to work with good appliances. If you are familiar with cooking or kitchen appliances then I’m sure you’ve hear of Thermador. The Thermador brand has been around for nearly a century and has been a major competitor for the last sixty years. They have been producing some of the best quality cooking wear for the American home. Thermadors moto is “An American icon”, and they aren’t kidding either as they are an American cooking icon.

If you’ve heard of any of the Thermador ovens or stoves it’s most likely one of the Thermador Range gas cooktops. Using a blend of modern lines and materials, meshed with the classic look and feel of any home kitchen appliance. One of the most fascinating features is the Thermador cooktop, a lot of the stove top burners are circular. Thermador ranges cooktops offer a unique star shaped burner. Aside for looks, even though it gives off a nice appearance. Instead Thermador’s research showed that a star shaped burner gives off more heat and makes the burn more equal throughout. Which is key when you need to specifically control the heat of the dish that you are cooking above the burner. This allows for the cooktops to operate at much lower settings more efficiently, allowing for a better simmer and cook.

Most of the gas range ovens and cooktops come in two standard sizes, a 30″ cooktop and a 36″ cooktop. Depending on your use you will probably need a 36″ model, that is unless you have a bachelor pad or won’t be cooking very often. One of the biggest downsides to Thermador ranges is their cost. A lot of their lineup is around One thousand dollars, while their higher end models can get as high as two thousand. This is a much higher price tag than the typical $800 we’ve seen from other companies.

When considering a gas range stove you’ll need to take a look at specifically what you need from it. You want to base your decision on things like functionality, usability, performance, and overall durability. You must realize that cooking from a gas range isn’t quite different from cooking with an electric range. Think about the overall cleaning process as well as the quality fo meals that you will be preparing.

Cleaning a stove can be a pain, and even the oven can be more painful. Typically a gas stove will be harder to clean but usually only needs a quick wipe down. A simple wipe down with a soaking a warm water and a sponge together and give it a quick wipe down. The only thing to remember is that as long as the pilot lights stays clean then it will lite easily. Don’t let gunk and buildup occur around your pilot light. Whatever you do though don’t use a rough scouring pad in your cleaning on your Thermador as it will scratch the aluminum finish.

Don’t overthink your purchase of a Thermador gas range oven, as they are one of the best investments you can have in the kitchen. The difference between purchasing one brand of stoves to another may seem minimal, but the attention is in the details. Thermador is a company that stands behind their product, every time, so you don’t need to worry about your brand new oven breaking.

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