Are you someone that likes to make food and spend time in your kitchen, then you’ll know the importance of having nice quality goods to work with. If you are familiar with cooking or kitchen appliances then I’m sure you’ve hear of Thermador. Thermador has been a brand name in the kitchen for over seventy years. They have been producing some of the best quality cooking wear for the American home. Their slogan continues to ring true, “An American Icon”, Thermador range 36 has been living up to that name and continues to year in and year out.

One of the most popular of the Thermador lineup is the Thermador Gas range cook top. By mixing modern materials and shapes, with the elegance of any higher end kitchen appliance. Thermadors unique touch is in the design of their cook top, a lot of the stove top burners are circular. Thermador range cooktops offer a unique star shaped burner. Aside for looks, although it is much more pleasing. The star shaped design actually heats the dishes for more efficiently. Which is key when you need to specifically control the heat of the dish that you are cooking above the burner. Since you have a better circulation of heat, you don’t need to operate at such high temperatures which in turn helps the overall efficiency.

Most of the gas range ovens and cooktops come in two standard sizes, a 30″ cooktop and a 36″ cooktop. Most househoulds will need a 36″ stovetop as it allows for more cooking space and usability. The one downside to most of the Thermador brand is the pricing. Most start at about $1100 and can get as high as $2000 or $3000 depending on the features and version. Which makes them much more expensive then your typical eight hundred dollar stove.

When considering a gas range stove you’ll need to take a look at specifically what you need from it. You want to base your decision on things like functionality, usability, performance, and overall durability. Gas and electric stoves are like a night and day difference, so be sure that you’ve used both before. One thing that is significantly different though is the cleaning process between an electric and a gas range stove.

Cleaning a stove can be a pain, and ovens can be even worse. Typically a gas stove will be harder to clean but usually only needs a quick wipe down. For example simply get your rag wet a little bit with some soapy water, and then rinse it and wash it. The one main area you need to pay attention to with a gas stove is the pilot light. Our advice is to clean up whatever problems you have right away, rather then waiting. Be sure not to use any type of scouring pad though when cleaning your range, otherwise you’ll have problems with scratching.

Thermador range 36 is one of the best kitchen brands that you can have in your kitchen, they are one of those brands that won’t lead to much trouble. The difference between purchasing one brand of stoves to another may seem minimal, but the attention is in the details. You shouldn’t need to worry about the product that you end up purchasing, that’s why you need a Thermador.

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