If you are someone that enjoys to cook and make food in your kitchen, you’ll probably know the importance of working with good appliances. If you are familiar with cooking or kitchen appliances then I’m sure you’ve hear of Thermador. The Thermador brand has been around for nearly a century and has been a major competitor for the last sixty years. They have been producing some of the best quality cooking wear for the American home. Their slogan continues to ring true, “An American Icon”, Thermador has been living up to that name and continues to year in and year out.

Chances are that if you’ve heard about Thermador, you’ve probably heard about one of their Thermador gas range ovens. By mixing modern materials and shapes, while portraying an excellent example of sophistication and elegange. One of the most fascinating features is the Thermador cooktop, most stove burners use a circular burner. While Thermador uses a unique star shaped design. This isn’t strictly to make it look good, even though it gives off a nice appearance. Instead Thermador’s research showed that a star shaped burner gives off more heat and makes the burn more equal throughout. This central balanced heating is actually a lot better for the user at the end of the day. Since you have a better circulation of heat, you don’t need to operate at such high temperatures which in turn helps the overall efficiency.

The two standard sizes for Thermador gas range include a 30 inch and a 36 inch models. If you are someone that will be cooking for a family or using it more often in your own household we suggest getting the 36″ variation. The one downside to most of the Thermador brand is the pricing. A lot of their lineup is around One thousand dollars, while their higher end models can get as high as two thousand. This is alot more than the industry standard of about $800 or so.

When you are choosing the best stove for you, take a look at specifically what you need from it. You should take a look around for reviews on your potential stove, as well as consider the aesthetics to make sure it matches up with your current kitchen style. If you are considering either a gas or electric stove it’s best to have used them before. Also consider the facts about cleaning an electric versus gas stove.

Cleaning a stove isn’t always easy, and ovens can be even worse. Most of the gas range stoves only require cleaning around the pilot light, as sometimes a layer of ash can form around it. A simple wipe down with a soaking a warm water and a sponge together and give it a quick wipe down. The only thing to remember is that as long as the pilot lights stays clean then it will lite easily. Don’t let gunk and buildup occur around your pilot light. Be sure not to use any type of scouring pad though when cleaning your range, otherwise you’ll have problems with scratching.

You don’t really need to spend a ton of time debating the purchase of a Thermador as they usually don’t have many problems. The differences between a gas range stove and an electric one are minimal, but the real difference is in the quality. You shouldn’t need to worry about the product that you end up purchasing, that’s why you need a Thermador.

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