If you are someone that enjoys to cook and make food in your kitchen, then you’ll know the importance of having nice quality goods to work with. You are probably familiar with the Thermador range lineup as well. Thermador is considered the staple of kitchen appliances around the world for the past eighty or so years. They have been producing some of the best quality cooking wear for the American home. Thermadors moto is “An American icon”, and they aren’t kidding either as htey are an American cooking icon.

One of the most popular of the Thermador lineup is the Thermador Gas range cook top. Using a blend of modern lines and materials, meshed with the classic look and feel of any home kitchen appliance. Thermadors unique touch is in the design of their cook top, most burners used in appliances come in a circular form. Thermador range cooktops offer a unique star shaped burner. This isn’t solely for aesthetics, although it is much more pleasing. Instead Thermador’s research showed that a star shaped burner gives off more heat and makes the burn more equal throughout. Which is key when you need to specifically control the heat of the dish that you are cooking above the burner. This allows for the cooktops to operate at much lower settings more efficiently, allowing for a better simmer and cook.

Most of the gas range ovens and cooktops come in two standard sizes, a 30″ cooktop and a 36″ cooktop. If you are someone that will be cooking for a family or using it more often in your own household we suggest getting the 36″ variation. The one downside to most of the Thermador brand is the pricing. Most start at about $1100 and can get as high as $2000 or $3000 depending on the features and version. This is a much higher price tag than the typical $800 we’ve seen from other companies.

When considering a gas range stove you’ll need to take a look at specifically what you need from it. Base your decision on things like performance, usage, durability, style, functionality, and usability. You must realize that cooking from a gas range isn’t quite different from cooking with an electric range. One thing that is significantly different though is the cleaning process between an electric and a gas range stove.

Cleaning a stove can be painful, and even the oven can be more painful. Most of the gas range stoves only require cleaning around the pilot light, as sometimes a layer of ash can form around it. A simple wipe down with a soaking a warm water and a sponge together and give it a quick wipe down. The only thing to remember is that as long as the pilot lights stays clean then it will lite easily. Our advice is to clean up whatever problems you have right away, rather then waiting. Be sure not to use any type of scouring pad though when cleaning your range, otherwise you’ll have problems with scratching.

Don’t overthink your purchase of a Thermador gas range oven, as they are one of the best investments you can have in the kitchen. The differences between a gas range stove and an electric one are minimal, but the real difference is in the quality. Thermador is a brand name that you can trust and it will provide you with excellent meals for years and years to come.

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